Just for Today...

We are all seeking some kind of improvement. But life can get in the way and it can be hard to stay motivated, especially in the colder months. Who we want to be is sometimes misaligned with what we are doing. Skipping training sessions, sleeping in or eating too many treats may seem like just one thing here and there, BUT this way of seeing things becomes habitual and distracts us from our goals. Every single session counts! All the food that we eat counts! Thinking "it doesn't matter today" is self destructive. This type of thinking breeds stagnant results. Then seeing no changes gets us frustrated, which leads to us being less motivated.

For best results we need to reframe our thinking. Because its not just a piece of chocolate its a slipped mindset!

One of the most important ways to stay motivated and on track with your goals is to be around others who share the same healthy lifestyle. Being part of the Bootyfit team of girls is great for that! Taking each day at a time can also help the journey seem less daunting. Here are 5 tips to use in your strategy for building a better you:

1. Have a plan

This should include a weekly workout schedule and a food plan. Write it down and tell yourself it is not negotiable. Setting decisions firmly in your mind at the start of each week can make a huge difference and leave no room for excuses.

2. Be accountable

Having someone to be accountable to makes a world of difference! Lucky for us Bootyfit Babes we have Wendy!! This is not just important for the motivation of positive activities but also to deter us from things that will hinder our progress. I know personally when I have considered a drinking session, which I know would have caused me to miss training the next day and interrupt my progress I have messaged Wendy and promptly been spoken out of it. I could not have felt better with my decision the next day! Feeling accountable to someone who you don't want to disappoint gives stronger motivation than simply being accountable to yourself.

3. Stay positive

This sounds so clique! But its so natural for our minds to slide, especially when something doesn't go our way; like when we see a number we don't like on the scales, we are bloated from our period or just wake up feeling deflated. In these instances its important to remind yourself that it's just for today that you may feel this way and PUSH THROUGH! If you keep on track with your diet and training you will not regret it, but if you give up, even for one day, you will regret that!

4. Stop thinking about tomorrow

Tomorrow is a catalyst of today! The way you act today affects tomorrow and to keep putting things off till tomorrow is just tricking yourself out of making any real progress. While its great to be forward thinking about the results you are aiming for, projecting to tomorrow can be dangerous. I know for myself with bad food choices I may think "ah well today is a right off I will start again tomorrow". This type of thinking only sets you back and also offsets your moral to a negative space.  Something that has helped me combat this type of thinking is to remind myself; "it's still your body today", therefore choices you make today still affect you.  Aiming to get through each day at a time can make the process less daunting and helps to keep a more positive and productive mindset. Each day at a time. Each time the alarm goes off. Each training session. Each meal. Look at each event as the only thing you need to get through and do perfectly. Then on to the next step!

5. Be honest with yourself

Sometimes we are so cleaver at tricking ourselves. The mind is powerful but it can also be deceitful. Fair enough if we are really sick and have to miss training, but I think we all have days where our mind attempts trickery. I have found my mind being sneaky and telling me things; "It's raining so I can't go for a walk", when whats stopping me from walking on a treadmill?! Or convincing little ones like; "I need to eat all of that cheese because I need the calcium", when it's the only time in my life that I have been concerned about my calcium intake! Its laughable how creative thoughts can get. Its good to try to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind in these instances to ward off the excuses and to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Listen out for the real you and not the naughty you.

We got this BootyFit Babes!

xx Cassie.