Get Your Goals Set

Let's be real - you have to be realistic about your body transformation, with time measuring against effort (finding your balance)..

Ask yourself, "what am I willing to put in, to get the results I want?", as a great starting point to either kickstart your wellness journey, or to simply get yourself back on track. 

Remember, it's not all about 'Clean Eating' or trends - it's about you, your body and your goals. We are all built differently, so the trick is to design your body and fine-tune what works for you!

Ensure that your goals are realistic and based on your body, as I mentioned in a previous post, the '80/20' Rule is an important base and balance is something I am reiterating to my workout girls. 

I have just kickstarted my BootyFit 6 Week Shape Up Program, so if you have missed out - there are still very limited spots available. Next on my agenda is a Winter Wellness Workshop being held at Love & Nourish cafe in Prahran on Monday the 13th of July, 2015!

So, whether you're looking to take the stage, want to tone up or simply find out more about my mantras and some top training tips, it is a workshop you do not want to miss out on.

After all, Summer bodies are really made in Winter...



80/20 Rule - Bringing Back Balance

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog - we're going to keep it consistent,  with some great tips, advice and findings being pushed your way...

As a nutrition and fitness coach - it's not all about being a health addict, it's a passion I hold for wellbeing and balance. Combine that with love for fitness and you get some pretty damn tasty sexy, wholesome food – full of nutrients that nourish, heal, and satisfy the soul.

As a International fitness model my health plays a big role in my everyday life. Many people ask for my advice on how I stay fit and healthy so through this blog, I aim to share my knowledge and to inspire you all on your journey to a healthier, happier outlook and lifestyle.­

My diet is heavily created around a whole-food, plant-based diet. I am not gluten intolerant, but I don’t eat much gluten and I limit processed, refined foods, whilst also limiting my dairy intake. I eat meat and my sugar comes from natural, non-processed sources.

To be honest I eat what I want, when I want, and I don’t count calories. When you eat right your body will thrive, so listen to it. I'm fortunate enough to have found a balance that works best for my body, which is the biggest achievement you can make, with most meals I crave are the healthier options that I've created to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, which you will find through the coming recipe section of this blog.

I'm a big believer in the 80/20 rule. This means that healthy, nourishing food is consumed 80% of the time, leaving 20% of foods you love can be enjoyed with family and friends without feeling guilty or compromising your tastebuds! 

Leading a holistic and balanced life has it's rewards and with the notion that knowledge is power, I hope to share my insights to aid your journey too, as you should shrive to be the best version of yourself - not a version of somebody else. 



BootyFit's in VOGUE!

I am ecstatic to be sharing the news that BootyFit is a British Vogue recommendation!

The opportunity rose when contacted by their team to involved BootyFit's International Luxury Detox Retreats in their 'Vogue Retreats'.

BootyFit's International Luxury Detox Retreats are different to many retreats on offer - rewarding you with results and plenty of health and fitness knowledge to continue using once the retreat is over. These vacations are designed replenish your body, with a focus on detoxing, then increasing the intensity of your workouts. The retreats run for two weeks at a time, with our first retreat in the New Year being held in Bali between the 19th of April and the 5th of May, 2015!

You can see the coverage of BootyFit in British Vogue's January 2015 issue, here.

BootyFit is looking to be bigger, better and stronger in the New Year - stay tuned through our newsletter or social media, which can all be found at




A lot of people have a lot of questions for me and I hope that this blog helps you with keeping up-to-date with all things health, fitness, nutrition, as well as myself and my passions.

My team and I have plenty to launch, announce and share with you..

After going away on a 2 week BootyFit Bali Retreat, I've returned to my BootyFit Babes in Melbourne, who are hitting the training hard during their 12 Week Summer Beach Body Challenge!

In Bali, we have been averaging 3 workouts daily, with a day's break per week - we've been going coconuts over here with all the fresh produce (see my stance on coconut & coconut oil here, written for The Food Life). 

Up next on the blog, I will be overviewing our downloadable detox that will be sent out via our BootyFit newsletter next week!



Photographed (L-R): Katrina (BootyFit Babe), Wendy La Roche, Cara (BootyFit Trainer) BootyFit Bali Retreat 2013

Photographed (L-R): Katrina (BootyFit Babe), Wendy La Roche, Cara (BootyFit Trainer)
BootyFit Bali Retreat 2013