Meet Wendy...

Wendy La Roche is a well-established fitness expert, holistic nutrition coach, fitness model, businesswoman and personal trainer. Always showing passion for her work, she lives by her mission, “ help increase the quality of everyone’s life”. Wendy communicates her driven nature through BootyFitLove & Nourish, and RAWRRR Nutrition, spreading her mantra of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Between completing her Degree in Arts and Masters Degree in Marketing, Wendy was signed with the very well reputed, Chadwick Modelling Agency. This allowed her to work on both photographic and runway assignments worldwide. Throughout her years contributing to the fashion industry, Wendy was involved in fashion weeks, editorials, swimwear campaigns, and then became more focused on bodywork. 

In her mid-twenties, Wendy was blessed with two beautiful children. She discovered many hurdles affiliated with regaining her pre-baby body, which heightened her interest in health and fitness. She will always emphasise how crucial it is to adopt a healthy and balanced eating habits to avoid excessive weight gain, in order to achieve maximum results. She leads with the notion that, "it doesn't need to be hard", and entered fitness competitions with tremendous support from her family, friends and extended family of industry professionals. Wendy has achieved phenomenal results both in Australia and internationally.

As a natural athlete, Wendy lives by theories and methods that are truly nurtured and strives to build on modern techniques and findings. Wendy currently boasts a vast range of BootyFit clientele - from well-known celebrities, right through to full-time mums. With knowledge that is best described as a complete wholeness for the body, mind and soul, clients do not only have a personal trainer, they also have a mentor to further their quality of life.

Wendy’s ultimate goal is to help women on their health and fitness journeys, motivating them to be role models for their family and friends. By sharing her knowledge and experience, she is determined to guide women with how best to live their lives, adopting a healthy and positive attitude.

Wendy La Roche is based in Melbourne, Australia and can be contacted here.