Personal Coaching

You can have a more peaceful, relaxed, healthier life with time for yourself, family and things you love to do!

As a busy professional, I understand what it's like to be tired, stressed and overwhelmed with all that must get done in both my personal and professional life. Engaging a coach to assist makes sense, it works for me. What about you? Do you feel you: 

  • Juggle too many roles? 
  • Work too hard, work too much, work too often? 
  • Suffer stress related issues, burnout and PMS? 
  • Give too much of yourself and practice self-neglect? 
  • Suffer tiredness and loss of energy? 
  • Need to lose weight and be healthier? 
  • Don't live the life you want and feel it's about time you did? 
  • Are tired of being "stuck in a rut"? 
  • Don't spend enough time with your partner/family?
  • Are not balanced? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I know that Coaching will support you to:

    • Eliminate negative stress 
    • Stop feeling overwhelmed 
    • Have more energy 
    • Lose weight 
    • Take better care of yourself and your needs 
    • Balance work, family, and play 
    • Enjoy your life 
    • Set and reach all your goals 

    Coaching will work individually, one-on-one with you, to expand your awareness and assist you in your personal growth and development. Using a range of tools and techniques we will help unleash the potential that resides within you. Regardless of your reason for engaging a Coach, you will receive immediate and noticeable improvement from the very first session. Coaching is about the journey of life. As a minimum you should expect immediate results be it with: 

    • Reliable support 
    • Noticeable personal growth
    • Improved motivation 
    • Success strategies Increased knowledge and/or
    • Focus