Nutrition Advice

Wendy is guided by a leading expert in nutrition. Having succeeded in achieving her goal in personal fitness Wendy sought to understand more about nurturing the body. Instead of using artificial methods, Wendy has co-developed a well balanced, easy to follow nutrition plan that is individually set for each client. 

The human body has natural tendencies towards nutrition. General eating patterns are determined by blood type, weight, level of activity, stress levels and lifestyle. After gaining an understanding of your overall position, Wendy will tailor a specific nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Whether your goal is to simply look the best you can be, or you have desire to compete at the elite level in figure, Wendy will provide you with a healthy balanced eating plan. Unlike diets, which if you've been on one before you most likely haven't been very successful, the eating plan is designed to ensure your body is responding like the finely tuned machine it can be. 

The recipes are simple to create, easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and taste great. Like all good plans, there are occasions when you might need to stray, and that's okay. The aim is to provide a lifestyle choice that has you feeling absolutely fantastic.