Tomorrow is the inaugural BootyFit Saturday Stretch Session, with our casual options growing, the team and I thought it would be best to introduce a stretch session, lead by a leading specialist in gym and pole techniques - feel free to come along to trial this exciting flexi session (10:15am at Chapel Fitness on 14/02/2015).

Being a natural female fitness model and competing, stretch is important - especially when working my body to it's full capacity. 

Here are some reasons as to why stretching is so beneficial;

  1. Exercise for longer periods of time
    By loosening your muscles and tendons through stretching, you will ultimately relieve muscle fatigue, allowing you to exercise for greater amounts of time - meaning that you'll burn off that extra bit of fat faster! The younger you involve stretching into your fitness regime, the more flexible your body will be as you age.
  2. More awakened
    That tired and sluggish feeling that we all dread, is caused by muscles remaining still in blood - by doing as much as a stretch, this will counteract, making you feel less tired in body your mind and your body.
  3. Sound sleep
    Studies have proven, time and time again, that a regular routine of stretching and/or light exercise will make your nights less restless.
  4. Decrease injury risks
    Amazing findings show that, for example, after a 10 minute stretch (pre-workout), your coordination improves, making it less likely for your muscles to rip and tear. By stretching, you will be enabling the full use of your joints and rotation. 
  5. Decrease stress
    A perfect relief for stress of any kind, stretching causes your muscles to contract, becoming tense. While stretch sessions can range in intensity, it is always a sure-way to boost your endorphins.

Want to get more flexi, then?

Join me at our Saturday Stretch Session, contact '' or head to '' for more information!